Along the coast to Antalya (1/2)

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Day 156-161: Finally I overcame my laziness and continued cycling towards Antalya. The next destination is Kas, which I should reach within 2 days. Due to the big mountains along the coastline, the road leads more to the inland with a few big climbs ahead. Coming from the very touristic places along the coast, I have the impression that I am cycling towards the real Turkey. Most property’s look like farms here, a lot of people grow their own vegetables. Pomegranates grow aside the street. I can’t hold myself from trying one. They are delicious and go well together with my daily müsli.

In the evening I find a beautiful place to camp in the fields. It is still pretty warm, so I don’t need to close the sleeping bag. Laying in my bed, the prayer of the muezzin of a nearby mosque tells me that it is around 8pm. What a time to go sleeping! But it is already dark and there is not much to do. So I usually wake up between 5 and 6 in the morning, starting cycling with the sunrise. The advantage is that it is unlikely that anyone will ever spot me camping in the fields.

The prayer in the morning wakes me up and I realize that my sleeping bag is very humid, almost wet. One of the downsides of camping. Nevermind, I am still excited to make the last 60 kilometers to Kas, where I will meet Christina. And I’m also looking forward to cycle along the sea again. It is very convenient making a stop on the beach for a swim and lunch. The beach on the first picture is one of the popular ones 20km before reaching Kas. Instead of going there, I go a little bit further, to cool myself down at the smallest beach I’ve ever seen. There is enough space for one towel and of course no people besides me.

After swimming for a while, I put on fresh clothes before I will reach Kas. Luckily I arrive there on Wednesday, the day where the weekly market is. They sell clothes, jewellery and in another part local fruit and vegetables. This is one of the best activities to me to stroll through a bazaar like this. The good thing is that I can’t buy much because the space on my bicycle is limited. Nevertheless I buy two shirts “The North Face” and a swimming short for 120 lira altogether – less than 20€. A few meters further, women prepare a kind of Börek filled with greens and cheese. This meal proves that there are not many ingredients needed to make a tasty meal.

I arrive in the Pansion just before Kristina. For the next three days we explore the place together. Maybe you are wondering “How is it working out that we travel together, although she takes public transport instead of cycling?” The fact that I need much longer to reach the next destination is an advantage for us. She is working online in digital marketing while I am sweating on the bicycle. A good combination! I have time by myself and thinking of being with someone known in the next city motivates me. Before I met her I suffered from loneliness for almost two weeks. It is great how things can change within one day, by finding someone having a great connection with.

Kristina and I decided to go to Kappadokia “together”. So the next place where we meet will be in Antalya. I already texted a host where we might stay. But first I need to make the remaining 200km. It didn’t work out as planned, because of an obstacle I didn’t expected. Read more in part 2.

October 25, 2018

– Lewin

part two: Along the coast to Antalya (2/2)


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