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Day 162-165: October 3, after taking the overcrowded bus on the last 15 kilometers to Antalya, I had still around 10 kilometers to go to the pansion in the city center. Antalya seems to spread far out in all directions. It would need a long time to get along without losing oneself in the city. The first mission of today is to find the Decathlon, a sporting goods store with reasonable prices, and stock up lost equipment. Unfortunately I lost my tools in Greece two weeks ago. There was a lot of trust involved not to fear a damage on the bicycle. I would not even be able to repair a puncture. On the way to the Decathlon I am surprised by the Infrastructure for cyclists the city council invested in. It is still no comparison to the bikepaths in Germany, but at least they try to make more people use the bicycle. The downsite is, that most of the bikelanes are used by scooter drivers to overtake slow cars on the other lane. This makes me feel even more unsafe on the bikelane, so I go back on the car lane to go with the speed of the cars. Cyclist are here still a minority of the traffic, what I also realize asking the staff in Decathlon for bike repair tools. They neither have a proper multitool nor a chain. Looking at my chain it is obvious that it suffered a lot after 3500 kilometers of cycling. Luckily the bike shop that I find later can help me. For around 33€ they change my chain, I get a good multitool, puncture repair kit an levers to remove the tires. Its Gallery(22)Gallery(22)impressive how simple projects can take up an entire day in foreign countries. Nevermind, it is a relief to be able to help myself again in case of a damage on the bicycle. Time to explore the city..

Antalya is built close to the sea, rising up on a high cliff, big mountains can be seen in the distance.

In the old town there are mainly small apartments, restaurants and small shops suited. Christina and I are lucky to have our pansion located in the old town. For 25€ for a night for two we are surprised about the good appearance of the pansion. It is enjoyable to stroll around and discover pretty places nearby. Although it is annoying that people offer continuously to buy something it feels very safe to walk around these places even during the night. The fact that eating out is very cheap tempts us to go to restaurants often. Most of the time we take a soup and share starters, since there is no vegetarian main dish most of the time. Altogether we pay seldom more than 10€.

After 2 nights in the Pansion we move to the apartment of Mehmet, an amazingly friendly host, where we stayed for another 3 nights.

He lives in an eastern part of Antalya, not far from Lara beach, the closest beach from the city center and also the most popular. It is beginning of October and still warm enough to go swimming. Back home I put my swimming goggles in my bag.. When will be the next time I will use them? Probably at the Caspian sea in Iran, although I doubt that it will be warm enough to swim. Tomorrow I will cycle towards Beyşehir, which is around half the distance to Kappadokia.

Goodbye summer, I will miss you! Thinking about cycling in the snow in a few weeks in Armenia makes me feel unease. But this is a challenge not to face today.

October 30, 2018

– Lewin


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